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Fuji Beach

Fuji Beach, near Bububu village, is a pleasant place to pause at during or after your energetic sightseeing. A small dirt road leads down to the beach from near the police station in the centre of Bububu. This is the nearest beach to the town where swimming is not inadvisable and it makes a good day-trip destination in its own right ,if you fancy just relaxing for a while. Local legend has it that the beach's name was due to one Mr Honda, a Japanese engineer who came to Zanzibar to build roads, but fell in love with a local girl and decided to stay. He built a 'taverna' called Fuji Beach Bar, at the time the best on the island, and the name stuck. Even though Mr Honda is no longer around, his legacy remains. The bar still sells beers and snacks, and the staff will look after your gear while you are swimming. There have been reports of robberies here, so this is worth arranging. 

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