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Nungwi, or Ras Nungwi, is a large village located in the far northern end of the island of Zanzibar. With a population of about 5,563, Nungwi is the second- or third-largest settlement on the island, possibly smaller than Makunduchi.

From Stone Town the journey on surface roads takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the delays of road obstacles and police checkpoints, and number of stops the driver makes en route.

There is no ATM in Nungwi. Many restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, but the occasional not working credit card reader (mostly due to a bad connection - this results in a "declined" message, but don't worry it usually means the internet is not working)

Expect to be harassed by the various Masai teens/early 20s while walking along the beach. They will constantly be giving you the hard sell and will not let you enjoy a quiet walk along the beach. Credit for SIM cards besides fruits, drinks and toiletries at a small shop close to the sea turtle conservation area.


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