Exploring Tourism in Zanzibar
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It is located in the Uroa Bay, approximately halfway between the villages of Kiwengwa and Chwaka; 21.7 miles (35 km) north of Zanzibar Town. It is located 5.6 miles (9 km) north of Chwaka and 7.1 miles (11.5 km) south of Kiwengwa. Uroans mostly live on fishing and seaweed farming; tourism is also developing in the area, although to a lesser extent than on the south-eastern coast around Jambiani. It is a small and centerless village with resorts on the southern and northern side of its bay. It is home to only six stores and is recognized as a traditional, slow-paced, and spread-out village. Uroa Village stretches in a narrow, long line from south to north along the coastline, appropriately named Uroa Beach. 

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